Low-alcohol wines to try

By Casey Warrener

21 Dec, 2022

We've rounded up 27 lower-alcohol wines to try.

The start of a new year always brings thoughts of resets and good intents. But with the sun shining and the social events filling up your calendar, it can be hard to say no to a refreshing glass of wine. So instead of cutting it out completely, how about choosing a lighter (but still delicious) wine?

This approach might not be new to you. After all, drinking preferences and attitudes towards booze are changing, with moderation and brighter, fresher styles on the agenda for many no matter the time of year. The trajectory that average wine alcohol levels have taken in Australia is interesting to note, peaking in the Parker Era (with influential US wine critic Robert Parker having a taste for full-throttled reds) and today with more modest averages of around 13–14 per cent.

When considering the best low alcohol wine to buy, there are varieties and styles lower in alcohol, such as riesling, semillon, some sparkling wine, sweet wines like moscato, and delicate reds like gamay.

Ahead, find a slew of lower alcohol wines to try. Each is between six and 10.4 per cent alcohol by volume (ABV) – all are flavoursome and ideal for long, hot afternoons, or for when you just want something light and fresh.

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